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Though Spun Honey was founded in September of 2015, we began as a group of friends jamming in living rooms, garages and around campfires. Over the years, we found that our music has become bigger than ourselves, and we feel it is necessary to share our sound with music lovers around the world. Spun Honey is the culmination of our experiences, not only of writing and jamming, but living in this beautiful world.

We strive to be eccentric musicians. Never subscribing to a single genre, our music ranges from folky-bluegrass, to groove funk, to rock-n-roll. With thoughtful composition behind every written tune, psychedelic effects and improvisation are key elements to our live performances.

In he spring of 2016, we recorded and released our debut, self-titled EP. Capturing the eccentricity of what Spun Honey is about, listeners can hear us for what we are; non-genre subscribing, melodic jammers, energetic funkers and poetic groovers. Each live encounter promises to unique, as inspiration drawn from the room drives the show.

For the rest of 2016, we will be making friends around the Portland, OR region. Don't miss a chance to experience life's fluidity through music at your local Spun Honey show!

Spun Honey is:
Kyle Blessing: Keys/Vocals
Henry Glover: Guitar/Vocals
Katie Rose Matten: Vocals
Brian Mejia: Bass
Bubby Sherwood: Drums

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